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Announcing WPBadger

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Earlier this week I released WPBadger, a simple WordPress plugin for issuing badges and adding them to a user’s Open Badges backpack. Open Badges is a Mozilla project that is creating a platform to associate badges representing skills, achievements, and other data with people who earn them. I’m jazzed about the project as a whole, and particularly excited about how WPBadger has connected WordPress and the Open Badges infrastructure to make it easy for anyone to award badges.

WPBadger is open source, and uses some of the latest and greatest WordPress features like custom post types to manage and award badges. You can download WPBadger version 0.6.1 from the WordPress plugin directory, or watch it on GitHub. Both the plugin and github repository include installation instructions, and earlier today Doug Belshaw blogged a howto guide for using WPBadger. Special thanks to Doug, as well as Greg Wilson, Chris McAvoy, Les Orchard, and Boone Gorges for help testing and advising on this plugin.

I’m also working on a separate WordPress plugin called WPBadgeDisplay that creates a widget to show off your badges on your blog, and hope to release that next week.