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Today is my birthday! One year older, I’ve been living in the Bay Area since August, attending graduate school, and assuming the role of Foursquare mayor at my favorite neighborhood coffee shop. I’m having a blast.

In what I hope will become a tradition of my own, I wanted to follow in the footsteps of Matt by writing something on this special day, and sharing my list of things to focus on in the coming year:

  • Blog again, including personal posts (like this) + technical posts sharing what I’ve been developing.

  • Push code to Github whenever possible, finished or unfinished.

  • Take my baking skills to the next level. 2011 was the year of bagels, but I stopped once I moved to Oakland. I want to get back into this.

  • Skip presenting, and attend more conference/unconference/meetups. Focusing more on the work of others, I plan to continue taking advantage of all the great talks in the Bay Area and meet new folks.

  • Bike around Oakland and get to know different areas.

  • Learn a new language over the summer, and find an opportunity to interact with native speakers.

  • Devote time to exploring California’s great parks, and going off the grid more often.

  • Focus my energy and work around a guiding principle. I’ve been inspired by Bret Victor’s incredible talk ”Inventing on Principle”.

I’m printing out this list to hang beside my desk, and hopefully next year I’ll be able to positively report on my progress. Let’s hope twenty-seven is my best year yet – I feel good about this.